Alvin Country Squares

The Funnest Little Square Dance Club Around

In August of 2004

James Oliver, Jennifer Oliver, JoAnn Dann, Bob Dann, Ken Crumpler, and Alice Crumpler
were all square dancers at the Clear Lake Club, and thought that it would be a good idea to start a square dance club in Alvin Texas. They contacted Sandra Curtner, the director of Alvin Senior Center in Alvin, and Sandra was all for the idea. Originally, it was to be a fun dance club (and it still is) with no club officers, Sandra would take the place of the officers and make all the decisions that were needed. We voted on some ideas to name the club; they all picked "The Alvin Country Squares", which was suggested by Jennifer Oliver. We got Gary Sanders as our club caller. We put ads in the Alvin newspaper and on the sign outside of the Alvin Senior Center. The first week, Nobody showed up to take lessons or dance. Sandra Curtner got the telephone company to put a notice in their telephone bills about our club, and it worked. We gave the notice time to work and then on our second grand opening, we had a great bunch of people who wanted to learn how to square dance. Ken Crumpler volunteered to take care of the money and roster. Nobody was expected to take care of the food, but the members brought food every week, so we had more than enough. We also had three or four squares every week. We had our first dance where we invited other clubs to join us and it was a big success. We knew there would be a big crowd, so we opened the big hall on the left side of the center. We had so many people dancing in that room, that it was filled up, so we had two squares dancing in the hallway.

This article was submitted by JoAnn Paris, Thank you.

If any original members, or anyone with knowledge of the History of Alvin Country Squares, please submit their info to one of the club officers.

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